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Tube Dancers

These inflatable dancing man ‘air dancers’ turn heads and bring in new customers!
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So Fun, So economical

Grab attention with the help of our value pricing, wide variety of inflatable styles, and custom branding.

Whether you buy or rent, we can help you choose the right height, location and style. From simple tubes, to “waving man dancers” with two legs, holiday themes, and more styles than we have space to list. Tube dancer rental includes:

  • delivery
  • fan(s)
  • set-up and removal
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Tube dancer


Our tube dancers work for you through Colorado’s sunshine, wind, cold, and snow. How do they work, you ask?

The nylon or polyester tubes feature a high-powered blower which inflates and expands the tube to maximum height. As the tube reaches its height, the top flap opens, causing the tube to deflate. As the tube deflates, the opening is closed, and the tube re-inflates, repeating the process. Naturally occuring air currents causing the motion to be slightly different every time, increasing viewer interest in the motion.

tubedancers santa christmas party


and Seasonal

Add some holiday flair to your next event with themed tube dancers.

Direct event attendees to the main door, or attract attention for your seasonal sales. We offer a free on-site survey to help brainstorm and find creative solutions for all of your advertising needs!

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So many of our clients find success with air tube advertising – they want to brand their own.

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